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what kind of slipper you can wear outsides
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For a lot of folks in today’s world, the lines between work and home are often blurred. Maybe you telecommute from a home office, have kids enrolled in remote learning, are stuck inside due to stormy weather, or are just spending more time in your humble abode to practice social distancing, you’re probably finding yourself in your comfies more often than not. Rocking more loungewear and athleisure clothes might be a welcome change. And yet, spending most of your day shoeless while walking around on hard floors can be detrimental to your foot health and comfort. Whether you’re at home or on the go, supportive footwear is crucial. When you think of supportive shoes, you might think of athletic sneakers or walking shoes. But with Geckoman, you can get any style of orthotic footwear, including many types of slippers like outdoor and house slippers. This solves the problem of and stability while inside your home, but what about when you step out the door? There are lots of women and men’s house slippers you can wear outside, including all the styles we carry at Geckoman. Here’s what you should know.


Indoor/outdoor slippers aren’t a new concept, but they’re currently having a moment. If you want to wear slippers outside, you should look for a pair with durable, weather-resistant outsoles. This protects the upper material from the outdoor elements while safeguarding your feet from scrapes, pokes and bacteria. In a perfect world, they’d all be designed this way. But as you know, not all house shoes are created equal. With that said, the best outdoor-friendly slippers include moccasins, clogs, sandal-style slippers, and slides. Read on for a breakdown of each style and what to look for if you plan to wear them outside.

Crocs Women’s Classic Printed Leopard Lined Clog

clogs slipper that you can wear outside


Customer Reviews:





“Never really wanted a pair of Crocs, but I wanted to use them as slippers around the house… Found that they are so comfortable I have left the house to run errands in them, and surprisingly I don’t get crazy looks for having them on. I now own two pairs of the lined Crocs and I love them.”

Designed with function and warmth in mind, the soft and lined Crocs for men and women are great as a slipper but also perfect for running errands. Traditional heel straps give you a secure, snug fit for step in and go comfort. The fuzz-lined Classic Crocs are fun to wear inside and out. The options are endless when you expand your wardrobe with these fuzzy clogs.


Men’s Canvas House Shoes

slippers with arch support you can wear outside



Customer Reviews:





“Great fit and comfortable. Wear them everyday. I would recommend these to anyone. 👍👍”

“The soles are nice and grip well, making these great for indoor and outdoor use. Would make a nice gift. I recommend for sure Also made of soft materials. ”

“Especially pleased with the support as well as ability to wear outdoors.”

Casual clog slippers with a weathered canvas upper. The everyday style you can count on. These convenient slip-on slippers are fashioned with a casual fabric upper and fray details. The siesta design is great for every occasion, no matter indoor or outdoor, the fashion appearance for comfortable all-day wear.


Women’s Adjustable Leather Sandals With

leather sandals that you wear outside



Customer Reviews:





The only sandals I have that allow me to walk in them pain free!”

“I needed walking shoes for a trip that we were taking. I wore these shoes just about the whole time we were gone with no problems of aching feet, legs, or back! I love them!”

First choice for vacation: This pair of slippers is really suitable for traveling, especially in the beautiful seaside in summer, where you can enjoy this pleasant season with your family and friends!


Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper


hardsole slippers that you can wear outside



Customer Reviews:




“Worn outside to put out trash, live on third floor, wear slippers to check mail, carry heavy packages received. They form fit to my feet, so comfortable I put them on as soon as I get home, like gloves for your feet. Soft padding intact, matted at pressure points only. ”

The men’s hardsole slippers are made to stretch to the contours of your feet and wear pattern over time, ensuring that each pair of pile lined slippers fit snugly and getting more comfortable as you wear them. The Sierra indoor-outdoor soles and supple suede of the men’s Minnetonka moccasin slippers adds a dash of style and matches with any outfit, whether you’re relaxing indoors or going about your day outdoors.



Amoji Unisex Camouflage Slippers Clogs Sandals

clogs sandals that you can wear outside


Customer Reviews:





“These shoes are perfect for wearing around the house, for gardening, or running out to the store or wherever.”

You can use the shoes for house slippers when you relaxing in you home,you can wear this shoes just go walk with your dog in the afternoon also, you can take this shoes to to garden or yard or nurse working,or just enjoy the sport activities like the swim or water class. 



Pillow Slides Slippers, Massage Shower Bathroom Slipper, Non-Slip Quick Drying Open Toe Super Soft Thick Sole Sandals

slippers that you can war outside


Customer Reviews:





“Like walking on air.”

“Slightly larger than I need. But very comfortable. Not completely non slip but not slick. Easy to walk in.”

Casual style perfects for all season and occasions, bathroom, indoor bedroom, living room, swimming pool, beach, Holiday, GYM, SPA, Leisure, public showers, steam rooms, dorms, camps, pools, tatami, house, outdoor, hotel locker rooms etc.



If you want (or need) to know how to wash slippers, Geckoman is here to help. But first, let us clarify a few things. When we talk about washing slippers, we are not referring to  a machine wash, but a hand wash. Although there are some exceptions, machine wash is not recommended in most cases because it shrinks the material and may damage the drum of the washing machine.


If you’re in the market for a pair of indoor/outdoor slippers, you’ve come to the right place. Geckoman is proud to carry a wide range of comfortable, supportive styles with durable soles. When you browse our collections, you’ll find  soft sandal-style slippers, and of course. Every pair has built-in orthotics with you can count on at home and on the go. Order yours today!

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