Best Flip Flops with Arch Support: 5 Top in 2021

wearing slip slops with arch support

On a bright, sunny day, nothing feels better than slipping on a comfortable flip flop —they’re easy, breathable, and effortlessly cool. However, if your flip flops don’t offer adequate arch support, that cool look is quickly replaced by searing hot pain (or at least mild discomfort). Find your next favorite pair of flip flops by diving into this comprehensive list of supportive and comfortable walking sandals.

Whether you are comparing slippers VS sandals, arch support is essential, no matter what style of shoe you’re wearing. Proper can prevent foot, knee, and lower back pain. It also promotes your body’s optimal alignment. Unfortunately, many regular flip flops don’t have any arch support to speak of—that is, unless you opt for a pair from Geckoman.

At Geckoman, our orthotic flip flops offer top-notch in a wide range of styles. Below, we’ve put together a list of five with for women and men.


Yes, you can rock flip-flops (cute ones, too!) without hurting your feet. However, there are sandal features you need to keep in mind to make that possible. For one, your flip-flops should never be paper-thin (unless you’re wearing them exclusively as shower shoes at the gym). In other words, if the flip-flops can easily break, they can easily damage your feet. Here are three other tips to keep in mind when shopping:

#1 Choose a pair that matches your foot arch

Flip-flops feel different for each person, mainly due to your foot arch. Think of it this way: If you have a high arch, you need flip-flops with a similar high arch. If you have a flat arch, you need flip-flops with a lower arch.

“You want a flip-flop that supports your arch type,” explains Saylee Tulpule, D.P.M., a podiatrist at the Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic in Washington, D.C. Most people have a normal-to-flat arch, says Dr. Tulpule, adding that you can tell if a flip-flop matches your arch by simply trying them on. “It should just immediately feel comfortable—like a perfect match,” Dr. Tulpule explains.

#2 Opt for contoured footbeds

The footbed shape should follow your natural foot shape, Dr. Andersen says. Contoured footbeds are ideal because the molding tends to fit feet better. This type of footbed is often made of cork or natural latex and provides even distribution of your weight across the shoe. A contoured footbed is also more comfortable, because they consistently support your foot alignment while also helping to prevent painful injuries like shin splints and collapsed arches.

#3 Consider rubber soles.

A sandal’s sturdiness matters too. Your flip-flops should not only withstand normal wear and tear, but they should also have a strong sole that keeps you from tripping, falling, and twisting your ankle, says Dr. Tulpule. Flip-flops with rubber soles support and comfort your feet, allowing you to walk on all surfaces without stumbling around. Most rubber soles are also waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding.

Now that you know what to look for in a flip-flop with arch support, you’re ready to go shopping! Check out our favorite podiatrist-approved picks below:

Clarks Women’s Brinkley Jazz Flip Flop

women's flip flop with arch support

Customer Reviews:



Very good arch support. The insole keeps your feet stable. Shoes that can be worn for a long time, especially when shopping or walking on the street. You will not regret buying these sandals. They also have a Velcro strap on the top. Although Velcro does not provide much leeway in terms of flexibility, they do provide some. Likewise, the material between your toes will not hurt as you usually do when your feet are swollen.

Reef Bottle Opener Flip Flops For Women

women's flip flop with arch support

Customer Reviews:



The sole has a bottle opener. Even better, this waterproof sandal is handmade, with a comfortable footbed and ergonomic arch support. Use the church key bottle opener integrated in the rubber outsole to provide you with thirst quenching technology anytime, anywhere. REEF is the only women’s sandal with a corkscrew.

Women’s Adjustable Leather Flip Flop With

leather flip flops with arch support

Customer Reviews:



Innovative conforms to the precise ergonomic and bio-mechanical design of sandals, through foot alignment, control foot movement, reduce and relieve foot pain. With adjustable shoulder straps to adapt to the width of the instep. You can choose the tightness to solve the discomfort caused by the width of the instep. By reducing the cumbersome design, high-quality leather, classic appearance, to meet the aesthetic needs of more people.

Reef Women’s Cushion Stargazer Sandals

flip flop with arch support

Customer Reviews:



Reef’s Stargazer flip-flops are handmade and can be taken with you wherever your next adventure takes you. Stargazer flip-flops are water-friendly, so you can go from deck chairs to waves and anywhere in between. Dip your toes in the lake or survive the fierce splash battle without worry. Stargazer sandals are both comfortable and supportive, and will keep your feet comfortable no matter where you are taken.

Orthotic Flip Flops For Women

flip flops with arch support for women's

Customer Reviews:



The high design functions to balance the stress structure of the foot, providing a convenient and extremely soothing solution for patients with flat feet, running knees, tibial splints and Achilles tendinitis. It also allows your feet to enjoy luxury and comfort. It is perfect for taking them on hiking trips, boating trips in summer, and even walks on the beach.


With Geckoman flip flops, you can be supported. Whether you suffer from or simply struggle to find supportive shoes, Geckoman will make your shoe shopping experience a whole lot easier by offering the kind of built-in orthotics necessary for alleviating foot pain.

Our cushioned shoes offer the stability, comfort, and arch support you need to move through the day painlessly. They’ll promote your body’s optimal alignment, whether you have flat feet, high arches, or something in between.

While you’re browsing our site, go ahead and place your order for your new favorite pair of genuinely supportive flip flops, from Geckoman!

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