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Ankle Arthritis: The Common Causes and Treatment Options

Ankle Arthritis: The Common Causes and Treatment Options

There are more than 100 different kinds of ankle  that can affect the human body. The most common form is known as osteoarthritis.

This form develops as we all get older and is known as the wear and tear style of arthritis. In most cases, the condition is instigated by the tear and wear of cartilage that covers the end of the bones.

The aftermath is excruciating pain that is not an ideal experience since its closely followed by swelling and inflammation in the joint.

The tough thing about

It can develop in a joint that was injured, even if the injury happened years or even decades before. This is identified as traumatic and it exhibits similar symptoms as osteoarthritis.

Since there are so many bones and joints in the foot, it is a prime spot for the development of arthritis.

If it does develop in the foot, it can alter the way you walk, therefore putting strain and pressure on parts of the foot where there was none before and that can bring on a whole host of other problems.

The parts of the body that are affected by arthritis include the joint around the neck, leg, hand, and shoulder.

Since the top here revolves around the foot the areas that are likely to be affected include the arch, ankle joint, the big toe, and the heel.

The big toe could easily suffer from a condition known as bunions

The early signs and symptoms of the of the ankle are pretty obvious.

Individuals will start developing signs such as pain, tenderness, stiffness, and swelling. The resulting forces the victim to suffer and have reduced mobile freedom. People who are unable to walk for long distances is another sign of possible arthritic problems.

Getting your diagnosed isn’t a difficult process, but you can help your doctor out a bunch by keeping a pain journal.

Once the pain becomes chronic and it’s apparent that it’s not going away by itself, sit down and write everything you remember about the pain: when did it start, how long does it hurt for, during exercise or after, hurt at night when you sleep, does it get worse when you walk or run and does it migrate to different parts of the foot and ankle?

Your doctor will perform a test called the gait analysis

The doctor will cross-examine all the physical and evident flaws you display.

They check how you move and lift your leg and foot line up. If the doctor fails to come up with a conclusive report they will further persuade you to take a series of x-rays. The x-rays will be done on your ankle to see the extent of the damage and the areas that need attention.

Go through other tests such as the CT scan or the MRI. Remember, treating arthritis requires patience and faith since there is no cure and in most cases the damage once done is irreversible.

Some causes and arthritis types that are responsible for causing


This a common type of arthritis that causes wear and tears on the affected joints. It is commonly referred to as age-related arthritis or degenerative joint disease. The condition is progressive and it exacerbates with time.

It is referred to as wear and tears arthritis since it involves a gradual deterioration that goes on as time passes. It affects the cartilage and joint and it can occur due to other underlying issues such as ankle injuries, sprains, and even fractures.

The vulnerable area is the cartilage. The cartilage is primarily the area that engulfs the ends of the bones that acts as a cushion that protects the bones from harm during the movement.

Aging reduces the body’s alertness and ability to repair itself quickly. As we grow older with damage in the cartilage it becomes difficult to heal that sort of damage quickly and effectively.

Ultimately, the end of the bones is left naked without any form of protection thus leaving them to rub against each other. The fiction created becomes painful and uncomfortable for people with such conditions.

The area of the ankle becomes swollen and inflamed especially on the joint. Arthritis emanating from injuries may take a long period to sprout but once they do it becomes hard to control and even treat at times.

People who are obese also are at risk of getting ankle arthritis mainly because their legs are not ideal to support such weight and it may lead to gradual tear and wear.

Rheumatoid ankle arthritis

This is a more serious form of arthritis that can affect the joints of the ankle. It is categorized under autoimmune diseases in which your system attacks itself, especially around the joint area. The condition is pretty serious since it can affect both sides of the joint.

The condition also becomes hard to treat since it is not predictable as is the case for osteoarthritis. You can never predict the pattern of the condition.

It is also an inflammatory disease that hurts since the body’s immune system attacks itself to destroy the cartilage around the ankle joint region.

The early symptoms include swelling, pain, and stiffness. The most vulnerable joint is the metatarsophalangeal joints which are located at the ball of the foot. The condition is triggered by exerting pressure while standing, moving, tightening footwear. Any simple stress can lead to causing pain around the area.

The pain easily spreads to other parts of the foot like the front part which has parts such as the toes. The pain can transfer from the ankle to the forefoot mainly because there are the contractures of ligaments and tendons which can lead to another condition called bunions.

You can develop calluses where you big to curls due to the stiffness. In more serious cases the calluses can enlarge and may engulf the ball of the foot. It is important to exercise caution and avoid the calluses from developing wounds which will in turn limit damage to the skin.

Post-traumatic ankle arthritis

This form of arthritis is common after an individual develops an injury around the ankle. The injury might be a sprain, dislocation, or bone fracture around the ankle. The sad thing about this form of arthritis is that you might fail to realize you have it since it gradually develops as you age.

It is a condition that occurs primarily because of penetrating, blunt or repeated trauma to the ankle joint or ligament.

Foot trauma around the ankle may lead to arthritis ankle. An injured joint has a big possibility of developing arthritis over time if it’s not treated effectively.

Some of the early symptoms of ankle arthritis include pain, joint instability, swelling, internal bleeding, and tenderness. Post Traumatic Arthritis occurs when a victim suffers a dislocation, undergoes corrective surgery, or breaks the joint or bones connected to the ankle.

You should consult your doctor to help you seek the ideal treatment option that may trigger and inflammation.

Previous ankle injury

People who suffer from previous injuries especially near the ankle region have a possibility of developing arthritis ankle. Ankle fracture, sprains, fractures, and others have a huge impact and could lead to acute ankle arthritis.

An injured ankle becomes prone to developing an injury condition called osteonecrosis. Osteonecrosis inhibits proper blood flow to the affected area and this does more harm which consequently leads to inflammation of the ankle.

Infections of the ankle joint

Another cause is a joint infection that damages cartilage cells. Since the cartilage cells can no longer grow, the infection damage persists.

Although the genetic effects of arthritis are not well understood, it has been observed that some people have a genetic tendency to wear down their joints more quickly than others.

Excess weight (obesity)

Bodyweight is another common factor that causes ankle arthritis. Overweight people put more pressure on stressful joints: hips, knees, ankles, and legs. They are more prone to arthritis and accelerate cartilage damage.

Here are five ways to help treat and control arthritis ankle.

Avoid strenuous activities

It means staying away from painful activities. If you ski, have a sprained ankle, have severe pain after skiing, or are staying in bed for a few days, switching to a different exercise is a good idea. The same goes for the race. Switching to cycling or swimming is the best option.

Medication for ankle arthritis

Buy prescription drugs like Tylenol and anti-inflammatory drugs that are very helpful. Make sure you take them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, you can cause ulcers or liver problems.

If the person feels severe pain, the doctor may prescribe short-term anesthesia. Long-term treatment for is a misconception.

Additional medications that can help include glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. They are available in all health food stores and have a protective effect on the cartilage tissue.

Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment

One of the standard treatments for arthritis is physical therapy. The results of these treatments were very good.

The theory is that it is possible to relieve stress in the joints by strengthening the muscles around the joints. Treatment for ankle arthritis can be ineffective, many chiropractors are trained in adjuvant physical therapy.


These injections are usually steroid-based and of the ankle. They don’t require surgery or they can be delayed. The new stem cell injections, along with regenerative drugs, play a role in ankle arthritis. It is an exciting field indeed.

Ankle bracing

Joint movements are very painful. Hence, the device is very helpful in reducing such pain. Anklets can offer different levels of support, from light to strong. Therefore, it is important to wear the correct brace to take good care of the ankle.

Blockages that do not provide the necessary support can prolong the healing process and lead to further injuries. The valves are classified according to the severity of the injury: 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree.

To choose the right configuration, you need to know how much damage you have received. They provide the right support and comfort. These properties are very important when buying ankle support gadgets.

Not only will they help you heal your ankle properly, but they will also keep you from feeling uncomfortable while doing it.

Pay particular attention to anklets made from the latest materials. These materials help keep the ankles safe and comfortable when using instruments.


Arthritis is inflammation of the tendons, ligaments, and joints that can occur anywhere in the body. Arthritis can be more difficult when a person wakes up with a slight stiffness in the joint or even a slight disability.

It comes in the form of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout, all of which cause unimaginable pain in humans. The treatment for knee joint pain is unique in that it only reduces pain 3-4 times.

The practitioner should use this form of treatment with at least four to ten needles on the skin to soothe it for 30 to 40 minutes.

Message therapy

Another way to relieve pain is through massage therapy. It doesn’t cure or stop the progression of arthritis, but it does help relax muscles and relieve pain and inflammation. Massage is very effective in increasing blood flow to the affected area.

It will increase flexibility and mobility. It is possible to have a general feeling of comfort and well being. Your body can relax, unwind, and relieve pain. Unfortunately, like the heat, this is a temporary solution. It’s wonderful during treatment.

However, and if you have arthritis in your feet and ankles then it is probably worth investing in a foot bath. Combine massage and heat and it works wonders for many people who have issues with their ankles or the entire foot.

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